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Injury Mechanisms and Tolerance

UMTRI researchers perform research with human surrogates to identify injury mechanisms under loading conditions that simulate the evolving motor-vehicle crash environment. Developing injury criteria involves determining measures of human response that are associated with injuries to different body regions, and then developing corresponding reference values for use in ATDs. In addition, field data from crash investigations may be used to validate the biomechanically-based injury criteria.

Recent Publications

Development, validation, and application of a parametric finite element femur model
 Katelyn F. Klein, Jonathan D. Rupp, Jingwen Hu

conference paper IN:  Injury Biomechanics Symposium, May 18-20, 2014, Columbus, Ohio

Older, obese, and female occupants have higher risk of serious lower-extremity injuries in frontal crashes. Optimizing vehicle...

Effects of BMI on the risk and frequency of AIS 3+ injuries in motor-vehicle crashes
Jonathan D. Rupp, Carol A.C. Flannagan, Andrew J. Leslie, Carrie N. Hoff, Matthew P. Reed, Rebecca M. Cunningham.

journal article IN: Obesity. Vol. 21, no. 1 (Jan. 2013), p. E88-E97.

Objective: Determine the effects of BMI on the risk of serious-to-fatal injury (Abbreviated Injury Scale greater than or equal to 3 or...

Impact direction effect on serious-to-fatal injuries among drivers in near-side collisions according to impact location focus on thoracic injuries.
Xinghua Lai, Chunsheng Ma, Jingwen Hu, Qing Zhou.

journal article IN: Accident Analysis and Prevention. Vol. 48 (Sept. 2012), p. 442-450.

Occupant injury in real world vehicle accidents can be significantly affected by a set of crash characteristics, of which impact...

Toward designing pedestrian-friendly vehicles
Jingwen Hu, Kathleen D. Klinich.

report UMTRI-2012-19

Due to a rise in global urbanization and motorization, pedestrian injuries continue to be a major public-health problem worldwide. To...

BioTab a new method for analyzing and documenting injury causation in motor-vehicle crashes.
Lawrence W. Schneider, Jonathan D. Rupp, Mark Scarboro, Frank Pintar, Kristy B. Arbogast, Rodney W. Rudd, Mark R. Sochor, Joel Stitzel, Chris Sherwood, Joel B. MacWilliams, Dale Halloway, Stephen Ridella, and Rolf Eppinger.

journal article IN: Traffic Injury Prevention. Vol. 12, no. 3 (2011), p. 256-265.

Objective: To describe a new method for analyzing and documenting the causes of injuries in motor vehicle crashes that has been...