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Injury/Impact Biomechanics

Research in Impact Biomechanics uses laboratory experiments with human surrogates and volunteers to study the mechanical response of the human body to dynamic loading and to study the mechanisms and tolerances of the different body regions to injury. The results are used to develop new injury criteria and injury assessment tools that can be used to evaluate the effectiveness of new restraint technologies and design countermeasures. Injury assessment tools include improved anthropomorphic test devices (crash dummies), test procedures, and computer models that simulate occupant kinematics and dynamics. Impact biomechanics research at UMTRI also involves testing with ATDs to develop improved test procedures for evaluating occupant protection for the specialized populations of children and occupants who are seated in wheelchairs while traveling.

Recent Publications

Effects of crash pulse, impact angle, occupant size, front seat location, and restraint system on rear seat occupant protection
Jingwen Hu, Kurt Fischer, Paul Lange, Angelo Adler 

conference paper IN: SAE technical paper series,  paper number 2015-01-1453

In this study, two sled series were conducted with a sled buck representing a compact vehicle. The first series of tests focused on the...

Analysis of car deformation effect on AIS3+ head injury in frontal crash using logistic regression modeling
Shucai Xu, Xinghua Lai, Chunsheng Ma, Jinhuan Zhang, Jingwen Hu

journal article IN: Applied Mechanics and Materials, Vols. 543-547 (Mar. 2014), pages 354-357

The influence of vehicle deformation on the risks of head injury for the drivers involved in frontal crashes is studied using real...

Response and tolerance of female and/or elderly PMHS to lateral impact
Lauren K. Wood, Carl S. Miller, Nathaniel H. Madura, Matthew P. Reed, Lawrence P. Schneider, Kathleen D. Klinich, Jonathan D. Rupp

conference paper IN: Stapp car crash journal. Vol. 58 (Nov. 2014), pages 423-463

Effects of BMI on the risk and frequency of AIS 3+ injuries in motor-vehicle crashes
Jonathan D. Rupp, Carol A.C. Flannagan, Andrew J. Leslie, Carrie N. Hoff, Matthew P. Reed, Rebecca M. Cunningham.

journal article IN: Obesity. Vol. 21, no. 1 (Jan. 2013), p. E88-E97.

Objective: Determine the effects of BMI on the risk of serious-to-fatal injury (Abbreviated Injury Scale greater than or equal to 3 or...

PMHS impact response in 3 m/s and 8 m/s nearside impacts with abdomen offset
Carl S. Miller, Nathaniel H. Madura, Lawrence W. Schneider, Kathleen D. Klinich, Matthew P. Reed, Jonathan D. Rupp

conference paper 2013-15
IN: Stapp car crash journal. Vol. 57 (Nov. 2013), p. 387-425