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Statistical Modeling and Analysis

SAS, SPSS, and SUDAAN are routinely used by UMTRI researchers to perform statistical modeling of injury risk and injury causation using NASS-CDS, CIREN, FARS, GES, CODES, and UMIVOR databases. Rigorous analyses of these databases are performed using appropriate statistical techniques and tools while considering the strengths and limitations of each database. Researchers specialize in statistical modeling of accident data based on complex sample surveys that include clustering, stratification, and weights. In addition, they have developed effective methods for handling missing exposure data. Other areas of expertise include Poisson/negative binomial regression models for handling extra variability often encountered in observational studies, statistical methods for rates, development of Bayesian hierarchical models based on output from Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) simulation, and analysis of categorical and clustered categorical data typically found in transportation-related databases.Expertise in in-depth crash investigations, in the biomechanics of injury causation, and in occupant positioning provide UMTRI researchers with unique insight when interpreting results of these analyses.

Recent Publications

Female drivers in the United States, 1963-2013 :  from a minority to a majority?
Michael Sivak

report UMTRI-2015-16 

This study examined the changes in the relative proportions of male and female drivers in the United States from 1963 through 2013. The...

Analysis of Spatial Variations in the Effectiveness of Graduated Driver's Licensing (GDL) Program in the State of Michigan
Yu Chen, Veronica J. Berrocal, C. Raymond Bingham, Peter X. K. Song

journal article IN: Spatial and spatio-temporal epidemiology. Vol. 8 (Apr. 2013), p. 11-22.

Injury resulting from motor vehicle crashes is the leading cause of death among teenagers in the US. Few programs or policies have been...

Buses involved in fatal accidents codebook 2008 (version February 1, 2011)
Linda Jarossi, Daniel Hershberger, John Woodrooffe.

report UMTRI-2011-11

This report provides documentation for UMTRI-s file of Buses Involved in Fatal Accidents (BIFA), 2008, including distributions of the...

Buses involved in fatal accidents factbook 2008 Anne Matteson, Linda Jarossi, John Woodrooffe.
Anne Matteson, Linda Jarossi, John Woodrooffe.

report UMTRI-2011-17

This document presents aggregate statistics on buses involved in traffic accidents in 2008. The statistics are derived from the Buses...

Independent review statistical analyses of relationship between vehicle curb weight, track width, wheelbase and fatality rates.
Paul E. Green, Lidia P. Kostyniuk, Timothy J. Gordon, Matthew P. Reed.

report UMTRI-2011-12

NHTSA selected the vehicle footprint (the measure of a vehicle&#x2019%x;s wheelbase multiplied by its average track width) as the...