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Vehicle Dynamics

UMTRI researchers possess a strong foundation of engineering principles and analytical methods to explain the performance of automotive vehicles.

Recent Publications

Pavement surface specification for road load measurement
Steven M. Karamihas, Michelle A. Barnes, Robert Otto Rasmussen

report UMTRI-2014-9

This report proposes a framework for specifying coast - down test surfaces that will produce relevant, reproducible road load...

A study of the vehicle structure crashworthiness in dolly and curb-trip rollover tests
Ma Chunsheng, Jingwen Hu, Zhang Jinhuan.

journal article IN: Advanced Materials Research. Vol. 383 - 390 (2012), p. 5392-5398.

Rollover crashes can be the most dangerous vehicular crashes among all crash types which have a higher fatality rate than other kinds...

Analysis of performance ratings for tires
Michael Sivak, Marion Pottinger.

report UMTRI-2012-8

This study analyzed two sets of performance ratings for light-duty-vehicle tires. The aim was to ascertain whether some of the ratings...

Finite element modeling of static tire enveloping characteristics
V. Alkan, S. M. Karamihas and G. Anlas.

journal article IN: International Journal of Automotive Technology. Vol. 12, no. 4 (2011), p. 529?535.

To investigate static tire enveloping characteristics, a three dimensional (3-D) finite element model is proposed. The vertical...

Experimental analysis of tyre-enveloping characteristics at low speed
Veysel Alkan, Steven M. Karamihas, Gunay Anlasa.

journal article IN: Vehicle System Dynamics. Vol. 47, no. 5 (May 2009), p. 575-587.

In this study, experiments are conducted to investigate tyre-enveloping characteristics. Four different types of tyres are tested....