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Aging and driving performance

In: Swedish Medical Society Symposium on Aging and Driving, 24 Sept 1994, Stockholm, Sweden.

Authors: Patricia F. Waller

In this paper the changing age distribution of the Western world, where elderly drivers are increasing in number, is discussed. With this changing demographics of the population, there are no easy answers to meeting the needs for transportation of the elderly. A comprehensive program for elderly drivers will include restricting driving when necessary, facilitating the driving task for this population and improving the performance of older drivers. It is clear that there is still a lack of information on which the policies should be based. Figures are presented showing (1) proportion of population licenced by age; (2)average annual mileage travelled by age; (3) proportion of annual mileage accumulated by gender; (4) population distribution by age; (5) death rates by cause by age; (6) crash rates per million miles, by age and gender; (7) population death rates from motor vehicle crashes, by age and gender; and (8) proportion of fatal injuries by driver age, by crash severity. Cohort effects discussed are driver experience, women drivers and alcohol use. For the covering abstract of the conference see IRRD 895590.