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Cervical spine injury mechanisms


In: Stapp Car Crash Conference. Twenty-Seventh. Proceedings. Warrendale, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1983, p. 179-197; DOI: 10.4271/831616

Authors: Guy S. Nusholtz, F. Montalvo, Nabih Mohammed Alem, Paula Lux, F. Huelke

A test series using eight unembalmed cadavers was conducted to investigate factors affecting the creation of cervical spine damage from impact to the crown of the head. The crown impact was accomplished by a free-fall drop of the test subject onto a load plate. The load plate striking surface was covered with padding to vary the contact force time characteristics. The orientations of the head, cervical spine, and torso were adjusted relative to a laboratory coordinate system to investigate the effects of head and spinal configuration on the damage patterns. Load and acceleration data are presented as a function of time and as a function of frequency in the form of mechanical impedance.