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Characteristics of alcohol-impaired drivers


In: Society of Automotive Engineers, Automobile Engineering Meeting, 13-17 Oct 1975, Detroit, Mich.; DOI: 10.4271/750878

Authors: Arthur C. Wolfe

This paper reports on data collected in 77 local and one national roadside breathtesting surveys. Overall one eighth of the 74,677 nighttime drivers tested had BACs of 0.05% or more, and this proportion increased substantially in the early morning hours. Analysis of some characteristics of these alcohol-impaired drivers showed that they are disproportionately likely to be male, divorced, black, in their thirties, of low socio-economic status, heavy drinkers, and traveling from a bar or tavern. However, all kinds of motorists sometimes drive after excessive consumption of alcohol and auto designers should take this into account in trying to develop control systems which will minimize the chances of error by drivers who have had too much to drink.