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Evaluation of 2008 Colorado crash data reported to the MCMIS crash file


Authors: Daniel Fredrick Blower, Anne Matteson.

This report is part of a series evaluating the data reported to the Motor Carrier Management Information System (MCMIS) Crash File undertaken by the Center for National Truck and Bus Statistics at the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. The earlier studies showed that reporting to the MCMIS Crash File was incomplete. This report examines the factors that are associated with reporting rates for the State of Colorado. MCMIS Crash File records were matched to the Colorado crash file to determine the nature and extent of underreporting. It was necessary to focus just on crashes involving a fatality, A-injury or B-injury, or in which a vehicle was towed due to disabling damage, because of problems identifying MCMIS reportable crashes in the Colorado crash file. It is estimated that Colorado reported 65.5 percent of this subset of reportable crash involvements in 2008. Reporting rates were found primarily to be related to crash severity and the configuration of the vehicle. Almost 90 percent of fatal crash involvements were reported, 60.3 percent of A- or B-injury involvements, and only 67.8 percent of towed/disabled involvements. Trucks were reported at a somewhat higher rate than buses as a whole, 63.5 percent to 47.8 percent. Large trucks such as tractor-semitrailers were reported at a higher rate than smaller single unit trucks. Missing data rates are low for most variables. Corresponding data elements in the MCMIS and Colorado crash files were reasonably consistent, though specific problems were noted with hazmat variables and the truck and trailer configuration.

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