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Evaluation of daytime high-visibility aids for motorcyclists

In: Transportation Research Record, No. 681, 1978, p. 24-34

Authors: Norman Ashford, N. S. Kirk, C. Kirkby, P. Stroud

The results of a survey of consumer attitudes toward such conspicuity aids for motorcyclists as jackets, waistcoats, sleeves, and slipovers are reported, and the results of laboratory and field trials conducted to determine the effectiveness of such conspicuity aids in facilitating the detection of motorcyclists are reported. These results are based on the first three years of a continuing research project. The user attitude survey indicates serious design problems with some types of conspicuity aids and, for most materials, a severe lack of fastness of both color and fluorescence. The laboratory trials indicated an inverse logarithmic relation between the projected area of fluorescent color and mean detection time.