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Functional requirements for integrated vehicle based safety system (IVBSS) - heavy truck platform.

DTNH22-05-H-01232; UMTRI-2008-17

In: Sponsored by: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Office of Vehicle Safety Research

Authors: David J. LeBlanc, H. Sardar, M. Nowak, Z. Tang, Dean A. Pomerleau.

The purpose of the Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety System (IVBSS) project is to evaluate the potential safety benefits and driver acceptance of an integrated set of crash-warning technologies installed on both heavy truck and light vehicle platforms. IVBSS is an integrated set of technologies that is intended to help the driver avoid road-departure, rear-end, and lane-change crashes by providing occasional crash alerts and advisories to enhance the driver's awareness of the driving situation. This document proposes functional requirements for the system to be developed and field-tested on the heavy truck platform. These requirements are generated solely for the system created within this project, and are not intended to be prescriptive for integrated crash systems developed outside the project. The heavy truck platform encompasses class 8 trucks operating with one trailer or without a trailer. The IVBSS on the heavy truck platform addresses the following crash types: Road departures due to unintended lateral drift, Rear-end crashes, and Lane-change and merge crashes due to unsafe lane movements by the heavy truck.

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