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Impact response and injury of the pelvis


In: Stapp Car Crash Conference. Twenty-Sixth. Proceedings. Warrendale, Society of Automotive Engineers, 1982, p. 103-144; DOI: 10.4271/821160

Authors: Guy S. Nusholtz, John Melvin, Nabih Mohammed Alem

Multiple axial knee impacts and/or a single lateral pelvis impact were performed on a total of 19 cadavers. The impacting surface was padded with various materials to produce different force-time and load distribution characteristics. Impact load and skeletal acceleration data are presented as functions of both time and frequency in the form of mechanical impedance. Injury descriptions based on gross autopsy are given.

The kinematic response of the pelvis during and after impact is presented to indicate the similarities and differences in response of the pelvis for various load levels. While the impact response data cannot prescribe a specific tolerance level for the pelvis, they do indicate variables which must be considered and some potential problems in developing an accurate injury criterion.