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Integrated Vehicle-Based Safety Systems first annual report

DOT HS 810 842


The IVBSS program is a four-year, two phase cooperative research program being conducted by an industry team led by the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute (UMTRI). The program began in November 2005 and will continue through December 2009 if results from vehicle verification tests conducted in the second year of the program indicate that the prototype system meets its performance guidelines and is safe for use by lay drivers in a field operational test planned for July 2008. The decision to execute Phase II of the program will take place in December 2007. The goal of the IVBSS program is to assess the safety benefits and driver acceptance associated with a prototype integrated crash warning system designed to address rear-end, road departure and lane change/merge crashes on light vehicles and heavy commercial trucks. This report describes accomplishments and progress made during the first year of the program (November 2005-December 2006). Activities during the first year focused on system specification, design and development and construction of the prototype vehicles.