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Mechanical properties of truck tires


In: Society of Automotive Engineers, International Automotive Engineering Congress, 8-12 Jan 1973, Detroit, Mich.; DOI: 10.4271/730183

Authors: John T. Tielking, R. E. Wild, Paul Fancher

Mechanical properties have been obtained from a recent series of truck tire tests using the Highway Safety Research Institute's (HSRI) flat bed tire testing machine. In addition to the vertical and lateral spring rates, a set of three parameters characterizing traction properties of the rolling tire are defined and measured. The influence of tire load and inflation pressure on mechanical properties is found to be significant.

Carpet plots of lateral force versus tire operating variables such as camber and slip angle are used to illustrate the effect of changes in ply rating, tread pattern, and wear. Corresponding variations in the mechanical properties are noted.

The results of an experiment to determine the relationship between single tire and dual tire force and moment producing capabilities are also described.