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A method for measuring the field of view in vehicle mirrors


In: Lighting Technology. Warrendale, SAE, 2003, p. 27-32; DOI: 10.4271/2003-01-0297

Authors: M. L. Way, Matthew P. Reed

\A new method is presented for physically measuring drivers' field of view in rearview mirrors. A portable coordinate measurement apparatus (FARO Arm) is used to measure the mirror locations, contours, and curvature. Measurements of the driver's head and eye locations while looking into each mirror are also made. Raytracing is used to map the two- or three-dimensional field of view in each mirror. The method differentiates between monocular, binocular, and ambinocular fields of view, and can account for head movements. This method has been applied to passenger cars, light trucks, and heavy trucks to document how drivers aim their mirrors during normal use.

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