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Sight distance problems related to large trucks

In: Transportation Research Record, No. 1052, 1986, p. 29-35

Authors: Paul Fancher

In this paper are discussed the influences of the properties of large trucks on (a) sight distances for accelerating across intersections, (b) passing sight distances on two-lane highways, and (c) stopping sight distances for crest vertical curves. The vehicle properties considered include power-to-weight ratios (acceleration capabilities), overall lengths, driver eye heights, and braking capabilities. The findings presented here indicate that (a) current policy of AASHTO may be used to obtain conservative estimates of the time required to accelerate across intersections, (b) longer periods of time in the left lane are needed for passing longer trucks, and (c) if controlled stops without jackknifing, trailer swinging, or vehicle spins are to be performed by truck drivers, the required stopping sight distances at high speeds are much longer than those recommended in the AASHTO policy.