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TRB Workshop on Driver Models: a step towards a comprehensive model of driving?

In: Modelling Driver Behaviour in Automotive Environments (2007), pp 26-42

Authors: Delphine Cody, Timothy Gordon

Various disciplines use the same or similar terminology for driver models — vehicle and traffic engineering, psychology, human factors, artificial intelligence to mention the most common; however, the definition of the term varies not only between disciplines but even between different researchers within any given discipline. Recent efforts in applied psychology and human factors have emphasised the need of developing models that can be implemented and used in computer simulation, hence representing a possible link between these disciplines, and also a chance to consider the broader picture of driver model within a transportation/traffic system. In order to discuss this link, the authors organised a workshop on driver modelling during the 84th annual meeting of the Transportation Research Board, Washington, DC. The workshop was attended by 25 researchers from the various fields listed above and lead researchers from the United States, Europe and Asia.