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Matthew P. Reed

Matthew P. Reed, PhD., is the Don B. Chaffin Collegiate Research Professor and head of the Biosciences Group of the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute. He also has appointments in Integrative Systems and Design, where he is Chair of the Design Science program, and...

Jingwen Hu

Jingwen Hu is a Research Associate Professor in the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute Biosciences Group. He earned a PhD in biomedical engineering from Wayne State University and an MS and a BS in automotive engineering from Tsinghua University.

Dr. Hu's research...

Crash protection for child passengers rationale for best practice / by Kathleen D. Klinich, Miriam A. Manary, and Kathleen B. Weber.
Child restraint systems provide specialized protection for pediatric motor vehicle occupants whose body structures are still immature and growing. There are many occupant protection systems available and the different types of restraints are appropriately matched to children based primarily on...