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Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century

July 20, 2016 - 9:00am
Sponsor: UMTRI Automotive Futures
2016 Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century: Next Generation Electric Vehicle Strategies  
University of Michigan, North Campus Research Complex, 2800 Plymouth Rd., Bldg. 18  
The 8th annual Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century takes place as the government is about to release its draft midterm review document that will discuss the progress the manufacturers have made in meeting annual CAFE goals, the technologies and strategies the manufacturers (and suppliers) are implementing to meet these goals, analyses of the advantages and disadvantages of new technologies that may be used in the near future, and their recommendation for the 2025 timeframe concerning CAFE goals. 
The goal for this one day conference is to examine next generation electric vehicle strategies from the perspective of the electric vehicle’s main components:  the battery, battery pack, power management system, and wheel motors, as well as manufacturer strategies. Some of the experts on these topics will be able to discuss future trends, while other speakers will focus on the current generation of EVs. 
Confirmed speakers include:

Bruce Belzowski, Managing Director, Automotive Futures Group, UM Transportation Research Institute, will moderate the conference and discuss results from his recent Powertrain Strategies for the 21st Century survey.

Janghwan Shin, UMTRI AF Visiting Researcher (from LG, Korea) will present the results of his year-long investigation about the future technology trends in electric vehicle batteries and their impact on advanced powertrain performance. 

Sergio Muniz, UMTRI AF Visiting Researcher (from Federal Technological University of Paraná, Brazil) will discuss his research into manufacturer EV strategies including their platform, marketing, and charging infrastructure strategies. 

Jacob Bemrich, Systems Engineering Manager, Robert Bosch Battery Systems LLC, will talk about lithium ion trends for electrified mobility including high voltage and 48-volt systems. 

Jonathon Ratliff, Manager of Zero Emission Vehicles at Nissan Technical Center, will discuss the improvements in the new generation Nissan Leaf. 

Ou-Jung Kwon, Cell Chemistry Technical Expert, Electrified Powertrain Engineering, Ford Motor Company, will talk about his company’s work with the UM battery lab, and how the relationship with the UM provides Ford with important battery R&D support. 

Ram Vijayagopal, Argonne National Laboratory, will discuss his recent research that compares the powertrain energy densities of electric and gasoline vehicles over a 30-year timeframe and across three different vehicle types by examining projected changes in vehicle weight reduction, battery technologies, powertrain components, power and energy requirements, and powertrain energy and power densities.