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In the news: Connected vehicles coming to Tampa

November 17, 2015

If all goes as planned, a year from now, Tampa streets and the Leroy Selmon Expressway will become the nation’s next proving ground for connected-vehicle crash-prevention technology. 
A $2.4 million federal grant was recently awarded to the Tampa-Hillsborough Expressway Authority for the project. Connected vehicles use V2V (vehicle to vehicle) technology that enables vehicles to “talk” to each other and to send hazard warnings to drivers with audio and visual alerts. Engineers say connected cars will reduce collisions, injuries and traffic jams. 
“This will save lives,” says Debbie Bezzina, senior program manager for the UMTRI-led Safety Pilot Model Deployment, a federally-funded pilot program employing connected-vehicle technology in 3,000 vehicles in Ann Arbor, Michigan, in 2012.
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