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U-M, two national labs to study energy savings in connected vehicles

November 19, 2015

Could vehicles that communicate with each other and their surroundings, helping drivers avoid crashes, also save energy? 
The University of Michigan is working with two U.S. Department of Energy national laboratories to study whether connected and automated vehicles could help people drive more efficiently. 
U-M, with Argonne National Laboratory and Idaho National Laboratory, won a three-year, $2.7 million grant from DOE to fund the research. 
Reuben Sarkar, deputy assistant secretary for transportation at the Energy Department, announced the grant Wednesday during a conference at U-M. He called it an "incubator award" to help DOE learn more about connected and automated vehicles, which are a growing focus for the agency. 
"I want to congratulate the University of Michigan as the recipient of our incubator award, in partnership with Argonne National Lab and Idaho National Lab, to help us study the energy impact of connected and automated vehicles by taking advantage of U-M's 500-vehicle fleet," Sarkar said. 
U-M's team of researchers is drawn from the U-M Mobility Transformation Center, the U-M Transportation Research Institute and the College of Engineering.
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