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Chris Winkler

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Mr. Chris Winkler is a research scientist emeritus of UMTRI's Vehicle Systems and Control Group. He joined UMTRI in 1969 after earning a master's degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan. Mr. Winkler has been involved in the management and conduct of research concerned with the measurement, analysis, and prediction of the behavior of motor vehicles and their components for over thirty-five years. He has been responsible for the design and construction of a variety of laboratory and field devices for measuring the properties of vehicles and their components. Mr. Winkler has been responsible for full-scale vehicle testing programs on the test track and in the field. He has participated in the development and use of sophisticated computer programs simulating dynamic vehicle behavior.

Chris has lectured on the subject of heavy vehicle dynamics at the University of Michigan, the University of Cambridge (UK), the Open University (UK), University of Queensland (Australia), Tsinghua University (Beijing, PRC), and Xian Highway Institute (Xian, PRC), and privately at the offices of numerous vehicle and component manufacturers and government agencies. He has served as an engineering consultant to governmental agencies dealing with road transport regulation in the US, Canada and overseas.

Chris has been an active participant in committees of both the Society of Automotive Engineers and the International Standards Organization that develop standard engineering practices and test methods. He served as the chair of the Vehicle Dynamics Standards Committee of SAE from 2003 to 2007. He was a founding trustee of the International Forum for Road Transport Technology and served as the chairman of that organization's Fourth International Symposium on Heavy Vehicle Weights and Dimensions.