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Michelle Rasulis

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Michelle (Mich) Rasulis is the lead software engineer in UMTRI's Engineering Systems Group. She earned her BSE in computer engineering from the University of Michigan in 1990 and joined UMTRI in May of 2008, after thirteen years as a software engineer and manager in the private sector and five years of experience at the university.

At UMTRI Ms. Rasulis has been involved in a variety of research projects aimed at determining the mechanical performance characteristics of motor vehicles (passenger cars and heavy trucks) and understanding the task of driving as it pertains to driver behavior in response to passive and active vehicle-safety and convenience systems. Her key role is to write the software for project-specific data-acquisition systems installed in instrumented vehicles. She has also been involved in writing software for simulation systems so new industry algorithms in the connected vehicle realm can be evaluated and refined before they go to field test.  She also plays an integral role in documenting, preparing, and verifying systems for performance requirements and test-deployment readiness.

Ms. Rasulis is involved in all stages of projects within the Engineering Systems Group. She sets up and maintains the file and database servers that store the data gathered by the data-acquisition systems, and she produces utility applications to download the data files and upload the data into the databases.  For some projects she is responsible for determining the specifications, evaluating different vendor products and then acquiring the most appropriate hardware for a given project