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Miriam A. Manary

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Miriam A. Manary, senior research associate in the Biosciences Group, joined UMTRI in 1988 after earning a BSE in biomedical engineering from Tulane University and an MSE in bioengineering from the University of Michigan.

Ms. Manary's research interests focus on biomechanics and human-factors research for the automotive industry. She conducts and supervises sled-impact evaluation of child restraints, wheelchairs, wheelchair-securement systems, and wheelchair-occupant restraint systems, and is an international expert on these topics. She also has experience in the collection and application of anthropometric and biomechanical data from volunteer subjects to determine the factors influencing occupant posture and position.

Ms. Manary is an instructor of child-passenger-safety technicians, certified by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. She was awarded the 2006 UMTRI Research Excellence Award, the 2003 SAE Lloyd L. Withrow Distinguished Speaker Award, the 2002 UMTRI Research Excellence Award, and the 1999 SAE Myers Award. She is the chair of the RESNA Committee on Wheelchairs and Transportation and is involved in SAE and ISO committees focused on child restraints and wheelchair transportation safety.


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