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Steve Karamihas

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Steve Karamihas, a senior research associate in UMTRI's Engineering Systems Group, has dealt primarily with the interaction of vehicles and roads. His first major research project involved the coupling of vehicle dynamic loading and pavement response to predict the effect of truck characteristics on pavement life. Mr. Karamihas has also been heavily involved in the measurement and interpretation of longitudinal road profiles. He conducted a two-year research study of the effect of road roughness on automotive ride quality, user perception of pavement performance, and truck dynamic wheel loads. In this study, he was instrumental in developing an algorithm for estimating automotive ride comfort from measured longitudinal road profile, which became the latest version of the Ride Number. He has also conducted numerous studies of the factors that affect accuracy and repeatability of longitudinal road profile measurement.

Mr. Karamihas has expended considerable effort disseminating research findings on the measurement and interpretation of longitudinal road profile. Together with Mike Sayers, he developed the Little Book of Profiling and RoadRuf (specialized software for analyzing road profiles) for a pilot National Highway Institute (NHI) short course. Specialized versions of the course have been delivered several times for state and federal working groups.

Mr. Karamihas also operates the heavy vehicle suspension-parameter-measurement facility at UMTRI, where he has tested over 120 heavy vehicle suspensions. In addition, he has analyzed data from on-road heavy-vehicle ride tests and laboratory heavy-vehicle tilt-table tests. He earned bachelor's and master's degrees in mechanical engineering from the University of Michigan.